Sumner – “War and other Essays”

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Here I make the book “War and other Essays” from William Graham Sumner, available as one pdf-file per essay. The objective  is to make it easier  to read them on a smartphone or tablet.I have tried to process  the  pdf-Versions of the following  projects:

The facsimile -pdf version of has by far the best quality (as of May 10th, 2016).  Probably they had a better printed copy. Because even this produced  many   recognition  errors,  I first checked the introduction and the first essay  manually, using FineReaders check-function.   The  small  pdf-text  files  resulted  from this effort.    Then I played more with FineReaders pdf-export options and found that   a resolution with 150dpi , a  reduction  of the color to black and wite, and ‘original picture over text’ resulted in the best compromise of file size, readability , ease of use and reliability on my smart phone.  If I would like to print out one or more of the essays I would use the pdf-files from or, which seem to have a resolution of 300 dpi.

The Numbers and Names of the chapters as well as the page numbers are taken from the table of contents of the original  book.

Chapter Page
Introduction  (pdf-text,  57 kb) ix
I. War (pdf-text, 107 kb or  pdf-150dpi, 678 kb 3
II. The Family and socialChange (pdf-text, 55 kb or pdf-150dpi, 339 kb) 43
III.The Status of Woman in Chaldea, Egypt, Judea and Greece to    the Time of    Christ (pdf-150dpi, 708 kb) 65
IV. Witchcraft (pdf-150dpi, 418 kb) 105
V. Religion and the Mores (pdf-150dpi, 311 kb) 129
VI. The Mores of the Present and Future (pdf-150dpi, 273 kb) 149
VII.  Sociology (pdf-150dpi, 470 kb) 167
VIII.   The Absurd Effort to Make the World Over (pdf-150dpi,283 kb) 195
IX.  State Interference (pdf-150dpi, 263 kb) 213
X.  Do We Want Industrial Peace? (pdf-150dpi, 267 kb) 229
XI.  On the Case of a Certain Man Who Is Never Thought of (pdf-150dpi) 247
XII.   The Case of the Forgotten Man Further Considered (pdf-150dpi) 257
XIII.    The Proposed Dual Organization of Mankind (pdf-150dpi, 174 kb) 271
XIV.   The Fallacy of Territorial Extension (pdf-150dpi, 154 kb) 285
XV.   The Conquest of the United States by Spain (pdf-150dpi, 686 kb) 297
XVI.   The Predominant Issue (pdf-150dpi, 276 kb ) 337
XVII.    Our Colleges before the Country (pdf-150dpi, 333 kb) 355
Bibliography (pdf-150dpi, 82 kb ) 375
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