Dear Mr. President

by Christoph Becker | 4. Oktober 2020 22:45

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

I wish You and the First Lady a speedy recovery from Covid-19 and a landslide victory in the election. To speed up Your recovery, to improve your results in the election, and to help America fight the Chinese Communist Party Virus, I do have a suggestion:

In some South American countries they now have plenty of evidence, that Covid-19 can be very successfully prevented and cured without negative side effects on the patients health. The way to go is, to use low concentrations (between 0.003 and 0,01 %) of chlorine dioxide. There are now several thousand doctors who have prevented and cured Covid-19 very successfully with such low concentrations of chlorine dioxide. There too are stories that high ranking officials in South American countries have successfully used chlorine dioxide as a drug when they themselves got Covid-19. In Ecuador 10 of  30 Bishops asked the government in an open letter to legalize the use of chlorine dioxide as a drug to cure Covid-19, because they had strong evidence that the substance is well suited to successfully cure Covid-19. The  FDA as well as the WHO and the main stream media are wrong and corrupted when they warn against chlorine dioxide.

At these low concentrations of 0.003 to 0.01 %, chlorine dioxide happens to be deadly to all viruses, most bacteria and many parasites, while – at these low concentrations – it is well tolerated for the tissues of the human body.

It is  as with plain steel in comparison with stainless steel:  While plain steel will rapidly oxidize in a humid or wet environment, stainless steel will not.

It may be politically  important for You, that chlorine dioxide can cure also many other diseases, while it is extremely cheap and not covered by any patents. Thus legalizing chlorine dioxide in the USA could be an important step to fight Obamacare and to make health care much, much more affordable. Naturally Big Pharma and large parts of the health care industry will hate this.

By the way, with your suggestion to do research on the possibility to inject a “disinfectant” into the bloodstream to kill the virus ( [1] ) You were right. I had commented on Your remark with an article in German ([2] ). The translation of the title is “Can Disinfectants be injected?”. The answer is a clear “Yes, President Donald Trump had the right intention, his suggestion was realistic and it is already tested with great success.”

Finally, after I had already written most of this letter, I found a short video titled Covid 19 finally defeated !! CDS works 100%, which was released on October 2nd, 2020, with English subtitles, at //!!:6[3] . In this video several patients, which were cured from heavy forms of Covid-19, stated, that they were cured because chlorine dioxide, which is a very potent disinfectant, was injected into their bloodstream – just as You have asked the experts to investigate.

For further reading here are some sources for your staff:

Since chlorine dioxide is well known and can be made available in high quality very cheaply in every needed quantity, while there is plenty of evidence and knowledge out there in using it to cure Covid-19, You can make the USA tool up to fight and win against the Covid-19 very fast. You can still accomplish a total victory against the pandemic just before the election. The Knowledge,  the experience and the material stuff to do so is there. The USA can get and use it within days. 

I wish You good health, great luck and that God may bless You and America, with giving You and Your party a really huge and absolutely clear election victory in November.

This is an open letter. I place it as a blog article on my website and send it as e-mail to the White House as well as to the Embassy of the USA in Germany.

Respectfully Yours,

Christoph Becker

October 4th, 2020, Kelberg, Germany, Website


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